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Clay Pigeon Shooting

1981 Transvaal Olympic Skeet Open Champion

Ron has been shooting since he was 14 years old and competitively for over 30 years.

After moving to South Africa in the early seventies it was only a matter of time before he found and joined a clay pigeon shooting club and the best venues to go shooting.

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Durban Deep Skeet Club RSA

He was a regular member of the Transvaal Olympic Skeet Team for almost 20 years at the Durban Deep Shooting  Club near Johannesburg. He started coaching on a professional basis in South Africa before coming back to Glasgow, Scotland when he joined North Ayrshire Shooting Ground as an instructor where he has been since 2002. Ron became a member of the Scottish Olympic Skeet Team in 1995.

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Scottish Olympic Skeet Team


Ron is committed to promoting both sports to the best of his ability. He is very hands on with his approach to teaching. Ron will make you feel very relaxed and take you through the shooting process with ease. You will be breaking clays in no time.

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Transvaal Olympic Skeet Team