Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we get asked the most.

What do I need?

Nothing. We supply all equipment necessary i.e. guns, eye & ear protection, ammunition & clay targets.

How many people can shoot at a time?

Any number from 1 – 60 which are divided into groups of 6 people per instructor.

What should I wear?

Just dress appropriately for the weather conditions…and no heels for the ladies.

How long does a lesson last?

This entirely depends on the size of the group and number of targets. I.e. 50 targets would take approx 1 hour for an individual and approx 2h30 for a group of 6.

Is there catering available?

Hot and cold buffets can be arranged on request. This cost would be settled directly with the caterer on the day.

Do you have to be a member of a club to shoot on a regular basis?

Not at all. North Ayrshire Shooting Ground caters for everyone, although some clubs do use the ground as their home base.

At what age can a person start shooting?

We recommend starting age at +/-12yrs, although we have had some very successful 6yr olds in for lessons.

What are clay targets made from?

Most clays are made from a mixture of chalk or fine sand & bitumen.

How fast does a clay travel?

A This varies depending on how the throwing machines (traps) are set but on average +/-45mph.

What score can I expect to shoot on my first outing?

Most novices will shoot well in excess of 50% of the targets on their first shoot if they follow the guidance given by their instructor.

Do you shoot game on the shooting ground?

Absolutely not. Any persons found shooting anything other than clay targets would be asked to leave permanently!

What guns are used?

We have 12 gauge & .410 gauge shotguns made by Browning & Beretta which are specifically designed for comfortable shooting.

Do I need a shotgun licence?

No. You only require a shotgun licence if you own or intend to own a shotgun.

How much will a gun cost?

A good quality entry level gun would cost +/- £600. Although there are guns that range from +/-£100 – £3000 & upwards.