The best Glasgow Shooting Experience.

Shooting Instruction by Ron Howie will have you breaking clays in no time.

Shooting at Clay Target Shooting.

Georgina. 12 Years Old.

Shooting at Clay Target Shooting.

Anyone can shoot!

Gained through years of practice and training, Ron’s experience will assist you to set up the shot. This is the best Glasgow Shooting Experience around. Check out Ron’s Profile.

You will be relaxed, safe and secure in the knowledge that there is no danger while you shoot. Ron will be right by your side, he will feel the tension when you hold the gun; he will instruct you to modify your grip where necessary and where to look to be on target.

We don’t spend hours talking at Clay Target Shooting. You are there to shoot, so let’s get breaking them clays. Your shooting day will include the following:

  • On arrival you will be met by Ron and be welcomed to Clay Target Shooting.
  • Ron will ask you to register, chat about your lesson, and ask about your previous experience of clay pigeon shooting.
  • Whether you are an experienced shooter or a complete novice, Ron will assess your ability and format a lesson to suit.
  • Ron will select a suitable shotgun to match your experience/physical size/fitness and ammunition to suit.
  • Clay Target Shooting has 12 bore and 410 shotguns. Lightweight low recoil cartridges are used.
  • Ron will then take you onto a suitable part of the extensive range available at North Ayrshire Shooting Ground where clay targets can be presented to suit your level of experience.
  • After a short safety briefing, Ron will demonstrate the correct stance, grip and technique to hit a clay target. He will check for eye dominance and explain the targets to be shot.
  • You will then shoot the targets under instruction from Ron. At each shot, he will assist and provide feedback to ensure that you hit the maximum number of targets.
  • Several types of targets will be presented to give an all round experience of the different types of shots that are employed in clay shooting.
  • A score sheet will be kept for your retention, and photos will be taken at the end of the shoot and placed onto the website in Ron’s Blog.
  • Whether you are in a group or individual shooter, you can be assured that you will receive a lesson to meet your expectations. Large groups will be split up into manageable numbers and additional coaches brought in to assist.
  • Groups of shooters will normally find it hard to avoid competition within the group, and you will be able to compare scores at the end. If appropriate, there may be a shoot off at the end to determine the overall winner.
  • Experienced shooters are encouraged to bring their own shotgun and Ron will assess gun fit, master eye, shooting technique and provide expert instruction to iron out any problems you may be having.
  • It is our intention that you have a fun day at Clay Target Shooting and leave us having had a great day.

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Clay Target Shooting (161)

North Ayrshire Shooting Ground

  • Wednesday night late shooting
  • Floodlight from 6-30 till 9.00
  • Disabled Toilets
  • Clubhouse for light snacks

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